About Us

About Us

The Minnesota Federation of Engineering, Science, and Technology Societies (MFESTS) is an umbrella organization comprised of engineering-related member societies within the State of Minnesota.  There currently are seventeen societies/chapters, representing approximately 6,000 individuals, that are members of MFESTS.

Our Mission Statement

MFESTS_Service_Logo_smallWe have three primary mission foci:  1) To provide service to the Societies that are members of the Federation;  2) To provide a service to the community at large and especially to young people in hopes of helping them learn more about potential careers in the fields of engineering, science, and technology; and  3) To provide professional development services to professionals in engineering-related careers.

Our Goals

The Minnesota Federation of Engineering Societies was founded to promote the wide range of activities common to many professional organizations.  These include:

  • To facilitate communications among the member societies in order  to help strengthen their individual programs.
  • Facilitate education and continuing education for professionals.
  • Assist with “Engineering” curriculum in post-secondary schools.
  • Promote of mathematics and sciences in secondary schools.
  • Promote “Professionalism” among member societies.
  • Provide timely topics to member societies.
  • Assist with Future Cities Competition, MathCounts, TechFest, and other youth-oriented STEM events.
  • Sponsoring the Annual Engineers Week Awards Banquet.

Our History

The Minnesota Federation of Engineering, Science, and Technical Societies (MFESTS) is an umbrella organization comprised of engineering-related member societies within the State of Minnesota.  Up through December 2003, the organization was know as the Minnesota Federation of Engineering Societies (MFES), however the Federation voted to change it’s name to better reflect that other science and technical related societies were vital components of the Federation as well.

The Minnesota Federation of Engineering Societies (MFES), now known as Minnesota Federation of Engineering, Science, and Technical Societies (MFESTS), was incorporated on January 29, 1946, in the State of Minnesota.  The general purposes were the promotion of economic, public and social welfare, and the advancement of knowledge in engineering, the encouragement of a high sense of professional ethics, and the fostering of a spirit of fraternity.  It was operated by the combining and unification of the various Engineering Societies, Engineering Clubs, and Engineering Associations in to one Federation of Societies, to promote the general interests and welfare of all of said organizations belonging to the Federation, by mutual cooperation.

The history of the Federation began in August 1916 when six member societies started the Joint Engineering Board.  “The Board was formed to secure a more effective cooperation among Engineers for the welfare of the profession, to correlate the work of the different Engineering organizations for unity of action, and for betterment in the standards of practice and greater recognition of the Engineers before the public.”  The Joint Engineering Board became the Minnesota Federation of Engineering Societies in January 1921.  The Federation resulted from a meeting of the Minnesota Chapter of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (Engineering Conference) held in Duluth, Minnesota on June 19, 1920.  The meeting of the various professional engineering societies, invited to Duluth decided that then was the moment for engineers to effect an increased unity among all within their profession.

How to Join MFESTS

All Engineering/Science/Technology-related professional societies in the State of Minnesota are invited to become members of MFESTS.  Each member society pays an annual dues to help support the federation’s endeavors.  The minimal yearly dues are assessed as follows:

The MFESTS fiscal year begins in January, thus yearly dues are prorated by month for societies that join at various times throughout the year.  Annual dues are based on the number of current members in your organization at a rate of $0.65 per member, not to exceed a maximum amount of $650.

The annual dues are required to be paid by January 31st of the year they are for.  For example, the dues for 2021 are due by January 31, 2021.  Payments (made payable to MFESTS) should be sent to the treasurer along with the MFESTS_Dues_Letter.

An organization desiring to become either a Member Society or an Affiliate Society of the Minnesota Federation of Engineering, Science, and Technology Societies (FEDERATION) shall make application to the Board of Directors (BOARD), accompanying such application with a copy of its Constitution and By-Laws.  In addition, an organization desiring to become a Member Society shall submit a statement of the extent of its membership resident in or employed in the State of Minnesota.  The Executive Committee shall make such investigation of the Constitution, By-Laws, and standing of the applicant organization as may be necessary to determine its eligibility.  A majority vote of the BOARD, at a regularly scheduled meeting at which there is a quorum of voting members, is necessary for favorable action.  If the vote is favorable, the applicant organization shall be admitted to membership in the FEDERATION upon its written acceptance of the Constitution and By-Laws of the FEDERATION.  Any applicant organization rejected by the BOARD shall be advised in writing of the reason or cause for such rejection.  An unfavorable vote by the BOARD shall not prevent the applicant organization from again making application when the cause of its rejection has been removed.

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