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MFESTS Leadership Positions

The term of office for all positions of the Executive Committee is for two (2) calendar years, beginning in January of an even numbered year and ending in December of the odd numbered year.  The incoming Executive Committee is voted on at the December Board of Directors Meeting on the odd numbered year.  They begin exercising their roles and responsibilities at the January Executive Committee Transition Meeting on the even numbered year, and they are formally installed as the first matter of business at the March Board of Directors Meeting on the even numbered year.  The outgoing Executive Committee relinquishes their roles automatically at the onset of the aforementioned January Executive Committee Transition Meeting.

Organizational Documents

MFES Incorporation in 1946

MFESTS Restated Articles of Incorporation as of 12-9-2004

MFESTS Constitution as of 1-1-2014

MFESTS By-Laws as of 1-1-2014

IRS Tax Exempt Classification Letter

Guide for Constitution and Bylaws

Guide for Parliamentary Procedure

Guide for Minutes and Record Keeping

History of the Joint Engineering Board

MFES History by Nick Berkholtz

Letter to IRS in September 2004

Letters from IRS in November 2004

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